About Us

Jump Time is an entertainment center for Your Family created by Our Family.

Jump Time is a family owned and operated company located in Villa Rica, Georgia. Our primary goal is to provide entertainment for families, schools, businesses, social organizations, community events and places of worship at a reasonable value without sacrificing customer service or safety.

We only use the highest quality of commercial-grade equipment in good repair. We stay current with all safety guidelines. We make our services easy and convenient for our guest by offering online waivers and booking reservation 24/7. We take extra time and effort to make sure our equipment and facility is clean and sanitary.

Jump Time was started from our sister company West GA Party Time, a local company that offers party equipment rentals. West GA Party Time is still in operation and serving the West Georgia area to this day giving our guest the option to have party’s at there place without leaving home. With the success of Party Time, Jump Time was created to offer all year round entertainment for local families in our community without having to guess or worry about the weather conditions.

Jump Time has four Party Rooms which can seat up to 35 each. We offer multiple party packages to accommodate any budget from packages that offer just a location to packages that let the birthday parents sit back and enjoy the party with their special birthday child. (Just bring the present!) Jump Time offers different programs from Teen Night, Parent Night, Group Events, Field Trips and Fundraising.

Jump Time also offers Open Jump for its everyday parent that is looking to get out of the house and let their little ones build social skills while burning off some much needed energy. Jumping on our bouncers teaches kids balance and concentration. Kids learn how to be in control of their bodies at all time. Beyond that, bouncers also get kids off the couch and moving around.

There are tons of things pulling at kids attention, especially with so much technology at their fingertips. Kids forgo the outdoors for computer time and gaming systems. People of all ages need to get at least thirty minutes of movement activity per day at minimum. Not getting this can affect mood, sleep and their overall health. Instead of lecturing your kids about the benefits of staying active, why not introduce them to something that is both fun and great for their health? So next time you have a free afternoon, instead of going to the movies- why not try something new and come jump with us! It’s Jump Time!

Hours of Operation

Open Jump
Monday 10am-8pm
Tuesday 10am-8pm
Wednesday 10am-8pm
Thursday 10am-8pm
Friday 9am-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 12pm-8pm

Cosmic Night
Friday 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 7pm - 10pm

(678) 941 - 3745


100 GA Hwy 61 Connector Villa Rica, GA 30180